METS shares a special bond with the local communities. We develop our activities in close collaboration with the regional and village authorities in the area.

METS herewith adheres to the following starting points:

  • Tourism should promote the development of the local communities in according with their own views and needs.
  • Local authorities should grant permission for the establishment of tourism resorts. Whenever possible, METS shall employ local people for the total management of the jungle resorts.
  • Basic provisions such as education and health care are established in cooperation with the competent authorities and supporting organizations.
  • Through, among others, awareness programs, attention is paid to the protection and conservation of the environment.
  • Waste separation is used at all METS resorts.



  • Part of the proceeds of each tour is submitted to the village fund.
  • METS maintains cheaper flight rates for transportation of local people.
  • Free transportation of sick people and teachers.
  • Establishment of a public school at Palumeu by METS in 1995, further co-developed with financial support from tourists and subsequently acknowledged by the Surinamese government.
  • Co-financing of the medical post at Palumeu. METS found the “Skan Fund Netherlands” willing to finance the renovation and furnishing of the building.
  • Financing of a freezer operating on solar energy for the village Palumeu via Micro projects (EU).
  • Currently in preparation at Palumeu, a hydro-electricity project for the village. METS hereby shares cooperation with the Tukui Palumeu Foundation, the Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo and the UNDP (United Nations Development Projects).
  • Making people acquainted with the unique lifestyle of the local people at Palumeu and the villages in the Gran Rio area. Simultaneously, stimulation of preservation and revaluation of the traditional customs and crafts by offering these to tourists and thus providing an extra source of income for the villagers.
  • Assist with the implementation of a vegetable garden project with the Women Association in the Gran Rio area. Subsequently, the produce is partially sold to METS for preparation of the meals at Awarradam jungle resort.
  • Provide the vegetable garden of the school at Palumeu with tools and guarantee purchase of the produce by METS for jungle resort in Palumeu.



Friends of Palumeu and Awarradam
Do you want to make a contribution? Please contact one of the institutions or persons below. The METS guide and manager of the jungle resorts will gladly assist you and provide you with necessary information.

Projects under development:

  • In the Gran Rio area, in the vicinity of Awarradam, the “Kayana” foundation is involved in the improvement of the school, the establishment of a learning-on-the-job workplace for adolescents and a sustainable agricultural project. If you visit the school at Kajana during your walk through the village you receive more information on these projects.
  • At Kosindo, the “Wan duumi moo didia” foundation devotes itself among others to maintaining their own culture and ancient-old traditions, even in these modern times.
  • The goal of the Tukui Palumeu Foundation is the further development of the village Palumeu and surroundings without disturbing the current balance between nature and people.
  • At Palumeu, a students’ vegetable garden project is currently implemented in cooperation with the teachers of the school. A multimedia centre will be set up which will require a solar energy installation with equipment.

Organizations and contact persons: