City-Commewijne Tour 1 dagParamaribo, the capital of Suriname, was since 2002 placed on the Unesco World Heritage list of historical monuments. You get a guided tour, by car and on foot, along the most prominent historical sites in downtown Paramaribo where you’ll be impressed by the unique architecture. The guide provides detailed information on the former Fort ‘Zeelandia’, the Presidential Palace, Independence Square and many other monumental buildings.
The monuments display the history of colonial times in Suriname. After walking along the Waterfront, along the banks of the Suriname River and the Palm Garden, you will encounter other attractions such as the mosque right next to the synagogue.

*Please note that due to the fact that Fort Zeelandia is closed on Mon- and Saturdays you will not be able to enter the Fort.

We continue our tour to the district Commewijne.
Commewijne is situated next to the Commewijne River, right accross the capital Paramaribo. The tour takes you along the former colonial plantations, of which most of them are now abandoned and no longer in use. The first stop is at the plantation Peperpot, where the old coffee and cocoa factory, the (now occupied) deputy-director’s house and the old office are located. Also on the plantation are, now under renovation, the old coffee warehouse and director’s house. A few dozen meters away, lies the still populated kampong (settlement) which we will also visit.

From Peperpot, we make a stop at the mini-museum of Marienburg, a former sugar plantation. After having visited Marienburg, our next stop will be at the confluence of the Commewijne and the Suriname River at Nieuw Amsterdam with a visit to the outdoor museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam.

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam is situated in a strategically very important location: on the precise meeting point of the Commewijne river and the Suriname river, close to the ocean. The large fortress was built as a defense for the crop fields that were situated along the upper parts of both rivers. The fortress was originally an earthwork construction.
It has the shape of a polygon (5 equal sides) and features 5 bastions, structures that are built outward from the main enclosure. At the outdoor museum, we visit several restored buildings, including the gunpowder storage building from 1740 and the coach house with a few coaches dating from the 19th century. In one of the ponds is the famous lily, Victoria Amazonica, seen throughout the whole year. In the cafeteria of the outdoor museum we will enjoy a delicious Javanese lunch and the afternoon we return to Paramaribo with the bus.

Included in the tour: bus transportation, lunch, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and Dutch and English speaking guide. Departure: 08.00 am. Return: 15.30 pm.

Departure time: 08.00 am.
Pick up at one of the large hotels in Paramaribo.
Return: 15.30 pm. You are dropped off at the location where you were picked up.

What to take along: Walking shoes, sunblock, a cap or sunhat, film and/or photo camera, a small back-pack to carry for ex. water during the tour, small Surinamese cash for personal expenses.

Tour Description