Commewijne Plantation tourLocation
Paramaribo is the capital city of the Republic of Suriname. The city lies on the west bank of the Suriname River, approx. 23 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. District Commewijne is one of the oldest plantation areas in Suriname. The district lies across the Suriname River, right opposite Paramaribo. Commewijne borders the Atlantic Ocean in the North and in the East lies district Marowijne.

Origin and general information
The name of the city is probably derived from a former Amerindian village called Parmirbo. Here, in the begin- ning of the 17Th century, European seamen established a trade post. Later, the English conquered this post. They built Fort Willoughby. In 1667, the Dutchman Abraham Crijnssen, drove away the English from the area. Paramaribo was expanded towards the West.

After the abolishment of slavery in 1863 and termination of indentured labor in 1873, many people left the plantations and moved to the city which expanded rapidly because of this. Since 2002, the inner city of Paramaribo is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List of historic monuments.

One of the preserved buildings is the Saint Peter & Paul Cathedral at the former Graven- straat (now called Henck Arronstraat), completely built in wood. The Cathedral is the largest wooden building in South America

Day program
This morning we take you on a Paramaribo city tour, the capital city of Suriname, has been placed on the UNESCO “World Heritage” list of historical monuments since 2002. We will take you on a guided tour by bus along the most prominent historic locations in the city center at which you will be impressed by the outstanding (wooden) architecture.

You will also visit Fort Zeelandia, Palmentuin (Palm Garden), the Waterkant, the Central Market and on the way, see one of the remarkable features of Paramaribo, a synagogue next to a mosque, reflecting the harmony and respect among the people of Suriname.

We continue our tour to Commewijne district. Commewijne lies at the Commewijne river, right opposite the capital city Paramaribo. The tour takes you along former colonial plantations of which most are now abandoned and no longer active. The first stop is made at the confluence of the Commewijne and Suriname River, at Nieuw Amsterdam, with a visit to the open air museum Nieuw Amsterdam.

We cross over by boat to the right bank of the Commewijne River for a visit to Plantation Frederiksdorp. This plantation is an old cacao plantation, fully renovated to its former glory. After an extensive visit to Frederiksdorp, we once again cross over by boat and return to Paramaribo, by bus, in the afternoon.

Included in the tour
Boat and bus transportation, lunch and snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch and English speaking guide.

Departure time: As desired, morning 09.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs. Pick up at one of the large hotels in Paramaribo.

Return same day: You are dropped off at the location where you were picked up. What to take along: Walking shoes, sunblock, a cap or sunhat, film and/or photo camera, a small back-pack to carry for ex. water during the tour, small Surinamese cash for personal expenses.

Tour Description