Sunset Dolphin Tour 1 dagDay program:

Get a breath of fresh air on the river at the end of the day, during this 3 hour long relaxing boat trip. You will enjoy the river water’s coolness and an amazing view while you enjoy a refreshing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) drink with delicious snacks and listen to relaxing music.

We will first try to spot dolphins while we remain on the location for some time. The more curious dolphins usually come very close. If you see their small eyes glistening above the water surface when they move through the water, this probably means that they are in for a play.

We continue our trip to plantation Johan and Margaretha. Depending on the season, you can sit along the river on a wooden bench and get a taste of various delicious local snacks such as crispy baked swamp fish or Hindustani ‘barras’, a hearty snack made with dough and spicy ingredients. You can also enjoy a short walk or just relax and take in the scenery.

After sun down, we continue in the direction of the estuary at the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, the coloured sky and dusky twilight slowly intertwine. As it gets dark, we depart on our way back to the jetty at Leonsberg, in a pleasant ambiance on the boat with lights and relaxing background music.

Included in the tour: 3 drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), a variety of Surinamese snacks.

Departure: 16.00 hrs in the afternoon, report at jetty at Leonsberg. Departure at 16:15 hrs.

Return: 19.00 hrs at the jetty at Leonsberg.

What to take along on the tour: Film/photo camera, insect repellent, Surinamese cash (small notes) for personal expenses.

NOTE: Always take along your travel documents in view of a possible inspection by the local authorities.

Tour Description